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Freshly Prepared
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No Nasties! Our promise
Lots of variety and healthier meals!
Meal Plans
  • Lunch: Lunch with hidden veggies and child approved taste.
  • Fruit Seasonal fruit cut into little bites.
  • Snack Mid afternoon snack
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  • Breakfast: Healthy and delicious food for a good start.
  • Lunch Kids favourite lunch.
  • Fruit Seasonal fruits cut into little bites.
  • Snack Perfect for their evening snack.
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  • Breakfast We serve healthy and delicious breakfast every morning.
  • Fruit Seasonal fruit cut into little bites.
  • Lunch Kids favourite lunch.
  • Snack Perfect for their evening snack.
  • Dinner: Healthy and nutricious dinner
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Listen to our nutritionists!
Freshly prepared meals crafted specially for your little ones ensuring a healthy and nutritious diet. Our meals are suitable for kids aged 12 months plus. We can also provide soft food for babies 9 months plus.
Our core value
We Feed Your Kids Like Our Own
  • 01
    Individually Packed
    Our meals come in a packaging convenient for kids to eat whenever or wherever they want.
  • 02
    Freshly Prepared
    We prepare your kids meal every day and deliver it right before school time.
  • 03
    Not Processed
    Stop packing processed items, instead give your child the best nutrition.
  • 04
    Nutritionists Designed
    Our menu is developed by certified nutritionists. Check out what they say in our videos section.
  • 05
    Kid Approved Taste
    Our menus are tasted by kids and we strive to continually innovate our menus on receipt of feedback from parents and teachers.
Trending Kid Faves
We re-create kid's favourites in a healthier way!
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