Family Lunches with Little Bento

Little Bento delivers healthy and delcious meals for your kids. Nutrtitionists designed food is prepared fresh and delivered every morning to your doorstep. Now we offer choices in the lunch menu, so if your child prefers finger food or proper big meals, we have the solution for you! Did you know that many parents subscribe to Little Bento not just for their kids, but also for themselves. We offer so much variety and prices are affordable compared to many other meal plans in the UAE.

Little Bento also provides food to registered nurseries so that your child can enjoy hot lunches.

Little Bento supports healthy eating habits and our food includes all the essential nutrients required for the day. We make sure there is a healthy balance of carbs, proteins, dairy and vitamins and minerals. All our meal plan comes with a fresh fruit bowl and a snack. We constantly improvise on our menu to suit the little ones taste buds. 

We often get asked if the meals are suitable for a 1 year old. Well yes! There is no age limit for our meals. If you are an adult who eat in smaller quanitites, go for our larger portions and this will be perfect for you.


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